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【og真人登录】社交软件获取通讯录信息 这可不是件好事!
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【og真人登录】社交软件获取通讯录信息 这可不是件好事!

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本文摘要:When you install an app on your smartphone, youre often asked whether youd like to share your list of contacts with that app.如果你在智能机上改装运用于时,经常不容易被告之否允许该运用于载入你的手机通讯录。


When you install an app on your smartphone, youre often asked whether youd like to share your list of contacts with that app.如果你在智能机上改装运用于时,经常不容易被告之否允许该运用于载入你的手机通讯录。That might be a convenient way to connect with friends and family likewise using, say, Instagram or Whatsapp, but it also means youre giving away their personal information to the app developers.一般来说这不容易有利于你联络某种意义用以Instagram或Whatsapp等交友软件的盆友和亲人,可是这也意味著你将个人信息透露给了运用于开发者。And that personal info could end up being used to create so-called shadow profiles of your contacts—even if they dont use that app or social media service.而这种个人信息最终很有可能会被用于开创手机联系人的说白了“影子档案资料”,即便她们并不用以该运用于或社交网络服务项目。


Shadow profiles emerged as a potential problem in 2011 when an Ireland-based advocacy group accused Facebook of gathering information on nonusers, including names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.二零一一年,影子档案资料沦落潜在性难题,那时候一个总公司位于西班牙的倡导团队控诉Facebook收集非客户的信息,这种信息还包含名字、电邮地址、手机号和物理地址。The following year researchers showed that social network companies such as Facebook could use machine learning to pretty accurately predict whether two nonmembers known by the same member also know one another. Not exactly Big Brother, but a recent study in the journal Science Advances raises the stakes.二0一二年,研究工作人员寻找,像Facebook那样的社交网络企业不容易利用深度学习进行十分精准的预测分析,即掌握同一名vip会员的2个非VIP中间否也相互信任。这并并不是监管,但最近公布发布在《科学进展》刊物上的研究造成了瞩目。In that work, David Garcia, chair of systems design at the sci-tech university ETH Zürich, used a social network members personal information to infer relationship status and sexual orientation of the members contacts who did not have their own user accounts on that social networking site.在此项研究中,苏黎世联邦政府理工大学控制系统设计院主任彼得·安琪拉的灰烬利用某一社交网络组员的个人信息,推测了组员联络人的情感情况和择偶标准,而这种手机联系人并没该社交网络的账户。

He was able to do that using, of all things, data from the now defunct Friendster social networking site.而他竟然是指早就超温的社交平台Friendster上获得数据信息并推测的結果。He says he chose those two attributes—relationship status and sexual orientation—because they can carry important privacy consequences and were both available in the Friendster data set.他答复,他随意选择感情情况和择偶标准这两个特性,是由于他们具有最重要的隐私保护实际意义,并且都能在Friendster网址的材料组里出示。Garcia is careful to point out that he didnt prove that shadow profiles exist, just that they can be created. His work also reminds us how much we wind up revealing onlin -- about ourselves and about the people in our lives.安琪拉的灰烬谨慎地觉得,他并没证实影子档案资料的不会有,仅仅证实了他们能被创设出去。他的研究也警示大家在网络上裸露了是多少关于我自身及其大家日常生活的人的信息。